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Ode to Chat Rooms

Chatters while away the hours in chat rooms here and there.
Knowing deep inside there must be something more wholesome somewhere.
To catch up on rumors about who did what, where, and when.
Some gossip persists or flares up now and then.

Who got banned and who got the green light.
To speak up their minds and start a small fight.
 Made up stories shatter fragile egos like eggshells, and some to pout.
Petty jealousies, power struggles, and backroom politics prevail throughout.
Phony flirting and exchange of pics, from days gone by, result in
relationships that seldom work out.
Establishment of  many friendships at near and far away
Some that acquire a chat room persona that often disgraces.
Could it be that when some chatters do not come in,
They are living life, and having fun at times, or is it only sanguine.
Could it be there is something out there to seek and find?
Should some pack up their bags and leave chat rooms behind?

Should they travel near or travel far?
Should they go by train, ship, plane, bus, or car?
Chat if you must, but wouldn't it be better to take up photography,
painting, or write a book?
Ride a train for a scenic view, or fly a plane to new places to look?

Visit an island with a strange sounding name?
Walk on a sandy black beach that has no fame?

Ride a bus to the end of the line.
You never know what you will find.
There are deserts, rainforests, prairies, ice fields, and glaciers to view.
Mountains, volcanoes, water falls, and canyons too.

They are there for them to discover the majesty of it all.
They should do it now for you never know when the grim reaper will call.
Chat if you must, but there's not much time, with rivers to ford, mountains to ascend, canyons to descend.
Music to hear, scenes to paint, books to read, photos to take, - you never know when you will make a new friend.
Today is soon gone forever and tomorrow may never come.
So get out, there and enjoy a day in the sun.
Taking everything that goes on in chat rooms as serious.
Will only make one absolutely and definitely delirious.

So lighten up and have some fun.
And hope your chat time and adventures have just begun.


Global Bob 

The Web

Voices unheard
Faces unseen
Yet hearts may be joined
By words on a screen


Ralph just asked me to write a poem re the new room ..... just put a couple o' words together just now ... bit corny, but here it is! LOL 

"The new chat room is great!
As we say G'day, mate!!

Now, a brand new year...
Full of good cheer!

A new beginning,
And Angie's a-singin', 
Myron's a-swingin',
And Ralph is flingin'
 his fingers on keyboard,
Typin' away so fast...
The new Angie and Friends
is last!  "

Greetings All:    From:    "Cool Jude"   from??  Aussie of course! 


"Oh little gremlin hiding behind my screen,
Stopping me from being heard and seen.

A trillion entries I have made ending with error,
Further attempts by me, fill me with terror.

Sure, I can see the pics and read a rhym,
But hey there Gremlin for me it is chat time.

So hop out of my 'puter I want no disaster,
Here I go again, another note to Webmaster.

Penny Whistle

I sit in front of my computer
and often wonder about it's future

The day of mouse chips and Login
has bought so many new beginnings

I never thought that I would be
buzzing around the world feeling so free

new friends I have made and they are many
Angie, Linda Jude & Penny

I love this puter of mine
if only it would stay on line

So God bless all in computer land
one day I hope to shake your hand.

written for my new friends not very good but sincere

Kelly Dundavan MBE

Once Upon A Time

The sun shone
Warm upon the faces
Of my friends
As we played hopscotch
On the sidewalks of our youth

Once upon a time
The music played
And we danced
My love and I
In the soft dewy grass

Once upon a time
My little ones
Nestled in my arms
For comfort
And the world was warm

Once upon a time
I saw myself reflected
In the eyes
Of my beloved
And my heart was full

Once upon a time
The fear of dying
Overshadowed living
But now each day is gifted
With 'once upon a time'

Maura aka Moira

Where are you

Where are you
My poor little ace
Think you are lost
Out in cyber space

You  havent written
I am so blue
Where ae you dear
I do miss you

Your computor is broken
I know you are mad
Evry one missess you
Of your popularity i am glad

Together again
I know it will be
When computor fixed
Just u and me



A child watched by the forest
enchanted by the trees
that stood so tall and graceful
leaves blowing in the breeze

Their numbers were so many
she couldn't count that high
but smiled, as she gaze in awe
when songbirds fluttered by

Then autumn came, as soon it does
and the child again was thrilled
to see the colors changing
tho the air was winter chilled

Winter passed, and  springtime
and the years flew swiftly by
the child, who was a child no more
returned to wonder why

For the forest now stood empty
but for one lonesome tree
a symbol of what man had done
to change eternity

aka Peanut

The butterfly and the Spider 
        ( for my grandchildren) 

     opposites attract they say you know, 
     the sky for the butterflt the spider below 
     the butterfly her colors a beautiful show 
     he watched, his eyes all in a row 
     it was a dazzling sight for him to see 
     knowing for him it could never be 
     she stoped then and to his surprise, said hello 
     and may i ask before i go? 
     why is it you never smile or sing a happy song? 
     but sit with a face so very long 
     its no fun he said with a sigh 
     to sit in my web and watch the world go by 
     i would be happy if i could fly 
     take hold of my wings, i'll take you in the air 
     a friendship began. an unusual pair 
     so she lifted his spirits high in the sky 
     to his lonelyness he said good by 
     they found they needed each other tobe complete 
     for fate designed for them to meet 
     the soider is reality that says " it can never be" 
     the butterfly is the dream that says "lets see" 
     the butterfly lifts the spiders hopes and dreams 
     the spider keeps the butterfly from going to extremes 
     so be like the spider sensible and grownded 
     and like the butterfly with dreams unbounded 
     may your days be filled with love and care 
     the butterfly and the spider, it seems, were the perfact pair 


A Doggie Prayer

Heavenly Father, hear my plea,
Help them take good care of me.

When no one is here and I am all alone,
Instead of shoes to chew, I pray I'll have a bone.

As I patiently wait to go outside,
Let them hurry!  I want to keep my pride.

Let them love me, feed me and bathe me,
And rid my yard of all fleas.

And Lord, you know that squirrel up in the tree?
Could you arrange for him to get close to me?

And when it comes to sleep,
I'll curl up beside them to keep,
the "boogie man" away.
Tomorrow, I'll run and play. 


A New Day Dawns

The suns early morning light shines,
Over the valleys and mountains peaks,
Waking the birds and sleeping flowers.
Beauty surrounds in a timeless manner.
The sun shines across the vast blue ocean,
Its waves crash to the shoreline,
Giving way to a thunderous roar,
While tumbling seashells tickle the sand.
With its glorious golden rays of beauty,
Sparkling on the white caps of the sea,
The sun lazily waltzes across the sky,
To its evening home beyond the horizon.
The music ends.
The stars of the midnight sky twinkle,
Winking from the distant heavens.
Birds and flowers sleep once again,
Leaving a legacy of serenity all around.
Soon, the quiet tranquility of the midnight night sky,
Succumbs to the bustling of the dawn.
A new endeavor at lifes challenges blooms,
As the suns early morning light shines,
The music begins once more. 


©Jeannie Nourse/2004 


Softly in her amber slippers,
Autumn dances around.
The trees green leaves change colors,
then float softly to the ground.
The colorsof the sunsets,
the grandeurof Septembers gold,
the breathtaking views of the season,
are beautiful sights to behold.
Autumn is the years most beautiful smile,
as she waves her colorful wand.
The countrysideblanketed with magnificence,
as far as the eye can seeand beyond.
Just as quickly as she danced in
she delicately drifts away.
We then see the coming of winter,
and briskness with each new day.
As Autumn dances out of her slippers,
and gently she sleeps again.
The air turns cold.the wind whistles
and the winters snows begin. 



Our destiny is forever changed...
As we walk along the shoreline of life...
Leaving our footprints in the sands of time...
Each curve of the shoreline of life...
Brings new beginnings...
Traveling around each new bend...
We leave a part of us behind...
Another wave kisses the shore...
Gently washing our footprints away...
Gentle, happy, soft-spoken, sense of humor...
He touched my life in more than one way...
And oh how I love him…
He walked away all too soon...
But the waves of sadness...
Will never wash away...
The memories, the love...
And the footprints he left...
On the shoreline of my life...

©Jeannie Nourse/2001 


Witches flying through the air.
Ghosts and goblins everywhere!
Jack-o-lanterns all aglow
Light up the night so they will know.
The night they've waited for all year,
Halloween!!!!! is finally here.
There's bats and spiders all around.
MAKIN Making lots or erie sounds.
Black cats creeping to and fro,
Slinking, sneaking, Oh so slow!
dark the children get all dressed.
They're on the go -- notime to rest.
Their little feet go Pitter Patter,
Where to next?  : Just see them scatter.!!!!
Oh my!!, that house has a skeleton.
And another has a black coffin.
Lots of it is really scary,
Hey! Unbsp; there's a werewolf, boy he's hairy.
They see ghouls and zombies, mutants too.
Slimy creatures and trails of goo.
They see their friends along the way,
They remind each other what to say.
Trick or Treat   You'll get some candy.
Fill your bags, it tastes just dandy.
Their manners they remember too,
The magic words of please and thank you.
A shadow crosses by the moon.
Was that a witch upon her broom?
The creaturs that the children fear,
Have all gone home untill next year.
The children, they've all gone to bed.
Evening critters dance through their heads.
The moon is high, the day is done,
It really was a scary one!!!!!

© Jeannie Nourse/2002

Life's Treasure Chest

Life's treasure chest has many drawers
We can open when we please
To take out something that we need
Then close back up with ease

Different things are in the drawers
Things we need along the way
Things that are necessities
Or things to brighten up our day

When you are feeling down and low
Open up a drawer
Take out a bit of laughter
And you'll feel down no more

Then stop and take a minute
To open another drawer
And pull some hope right out of it
To make your spirits soar

Another drawer is full of dreams
To lead you along the way
Take your dreams and live them
Before life sneaks away

There is one drawer within the chest
That we should open every day
It's full of love and understanding
To share with others along our way

If we open up and use them
These drawers within our chest
We will live life to the fullest
And our lives be truly blessed

©Jeannie Nourse/Sept-2004



               Just strolling down the beach 
               With you by my side
               Out in the moonlight holding my hand
               When you kiss and tell me that you love me
               I know what people will say
               That we're in love

               My heart tells me that you're the one for me
               When we are apart
               I will give you a call
               And when I'm not in your arms I miss you
               I know what people will say
               That we're in love

               Sometime when I'm away
               I'll be alway thinking of you
               No matter what will happen
               I will always love you
               I know what people will say
               That we're in lovel



It's Halloween!

Halloween is a time of ghosts and goblins, out to play.
And scary bats and owls,
that hoot and howl all through the night.
The sights and sounds of Halloween are on display,
Creepy, spidery cobwebs and crawly creatures.
Such a delight!
In everything that makes this
A very special night.
It's Halloween!


  Day Dreaming

All I do, all day through,
Is daydream about how I love you.
I dream of times we together,
and how much we vow our love forever.
I dream of how things would be,
if we were together and the way you love me.
I dream of walking through a field of flowers
and envision us in ivory towers.
I dream of how it would be
if it were you and I, together, only.
I love you so my darling one,
I never would leave you alone.



If I Could

If I could have,  my friend,
I would have made sure the end,
Would have been happier for you.
I would have helped you to go through.
I would have done this without a thought
Of what was to happen, and would have sought,
Ways to make your life a happier place,
And the dignity of living  and having grace.
I would have comforted you and cared
To give you hope and we would have shared.
I would have made you feel as well as could be,
If I could have done all this, you would see,
Your end would have come with much more peace,
You would have felt more comfort and at more ease.
If I could have been at your side,
Our lives would not have been at such a divide.
And now I wish you the peace you deserve,
God Bless you my friend well did you serve.

Dedicated to my friend, Jim, who died May 15, 2005


  Harvest Moon

I wait and look with awe,
At the big old harvest moon.
It signals the change of season,
Will be Autumn coming soon.
It is the harvest moon,
Has made many lovers swoon.
The crops are in and the season is to begin.
The days are waning, 
The darkness is coming all too soon.
The mystery is here with
The big old Harvest Moon.


The Wild Geese
by Jann

High, high in the sky they fly,
In a V formation that attracts your eye.
Away to a destination in a warmer clime,
The Autumn days have given them time,
To follow their leaders to a place farther south.
For the Winter is cold and no food is to be found,
Where they gather in Summer and forage the ground.
I watch with awe, as they soar overhead,
I wonder where they are going as they follow their lead.
It seems they are determined to get where they are going,
Regardless of whether it is raining or snowing.
I wonder, if I could fly as they do, 
Would I be able my dreams to pursue.
Who knows, do you?


 Love Your Smile
 By Lynn 

You walk by
On a sunny afternoon
You smile at me and you catch my eyes
 Oh how I love your smile

You talk to me
You make me laugh
 Telling me the things that you do
Oh how I love your smile

 When I'm sad and blue
 You make me happy
 I forget my troubles
 Oh I love your smile

You light up my life
 When you sing my favourite songs
 And make me wanted to sing
Oh how I love your smile

Just Walking With My Angel
by Lyn 

 Walking with you by my side
But nobody can't see you only me
 Just walking with my Angel

  You watch over me, and see everything that I do
You'll always be my friend
Tell me what is like to be in heaven and talk to god
 Just walking with my Angel

 You'll always be there for me in my sad times
When I'm with my friends I can see you there
 I am sad when you go away for a while
But always glad to see you back
 Just walking with my Angel

A Friendly Smile

author ~ scotia

What have I to give,
I ask myself each day,
What will bring joy
to those along my way?

What would comfort me
When a stranger passes by,
What deed will be remembered
If a cloud is in my sky?

Each time I ask these questions
The answer is the same ~
It only takes a friendly smile,
Let that always be your aim. 


Written by Eddie

What was he thinking to fill this overly moist place,

With so many creepy crawlers, all that scare me so.

From under the doors, from tiny cracks in the wall,

Most walking upside down and none ever fall.

There fast as hell, they outrun swings of my swatter,

Chased with rolled up newspapers, the bottoms of shoes,

I swing like a madman but i always lose. 

I’'ve sprayed things that could kill humans and pets,

And honestly’t think I’'ve ever killed one crawler yet.

Lizards, roaches, snakes and bugs as big as a fist.

And that’'s just a sample of what's on the florida bug list.

Have bullfrogs that poop on the croncrete at my door,

It's hell dumping the garbage, waling on your tippy toe.

Exterminators are fine but not for that kind of dough.

So I’'ve decided to close every inch of openings here,

With miles of duct tape, super glue and to help my fear,

I started to drink, staying out and visiting every bar.

Screw the luxury of life, I’'m gonna go live in my car.


A Million Times
Written by Zola

A million times we needed you,
A nillion times we've cried,
If our love could have saved you,
You never would have died.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you didnt go alone.
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.
He saw you getting tired,
and a cure was not to be,
so he put his arms around you
and whispered, "come with me".
In tears we watched you suffer
and saw you fade away,
Although we loved you dearly,
We could not make you stay.
A heart of gold stopped beating,
hard working hands now rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.

From your daughter


Written by Eddie

With eyes closed i can block out the now 

And can tell you what i want to feel, the real.

I want my finger pores to bleed the toudh of past,

The life that's gone, I thought would always last.

Of days of dark and nights of night.

Where I crawled inside her warm, my personal light.

Remembering how my arm would slide aroudn the waist,

Pulling closer the warmth, the heat, the tastes.

It Frightens me now to think of that insatible rush.

Gone are those years, screams from the internal hush.

Future dreams have now forgotten me.

I'm without passion, I live now with solo reality. 


My Tears
Written by Jann

My tears flowed so easy tonight,

A beloved friend had seen his last night,

I cried for him because that was all I could do,

He was far from me, and I was far away too.

My friend, I wept for you in sadness.

You are free now from all the pain and illness.

You are whole my friend in a place,

Where all the past you won't have to face.

I am glad for the joy you gave to me,

So rest now in peace and know that forever,

In our hearts you will leave us never.

In love and memories of Jim Roth / Coldheart

who passed away November 14, 2005