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Our Friend VaBob or Joker passed away 9/7/20 at home. Grateful thanks for all his chat buddies. I know he was grateful for your nightly chats and friendships. Heartfelt thanks to his friends and family who became his friends and family. He especially enjoyed his birthday celebrations with his friends and family. As per his request there will be no service. We will privately lay him to rest next to his beloved wife, Kay (Kathryn.)Thanks to all for your love and support. Kathy Harris

Our chat friend Kayrose passed on June 11, 2017. Kayrose was very proud of her Doctor son, who specalized in Emergency Services, and talked about him often. Another favorite topic was a Purple Lexus. She had been in chats/forums for many years, she was loved by many, and will be missed in chat. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.


Jann was a great lady and we will greatly miss her in chat.
Jann loved being in Chat, it was a big part of her life. I love to go to bashes and have been to several, have also met over400 people I have chatted with over 500 chatters

Janns daughter told us that her Mother passed away last nite (Friday March 10th at 10:43), at the age of 84 and verified that she went in peace.
I live alone in senior housing and enjoy it.
I have 7 children, my youngest daughter is deceased as of Oct. 6, 2006.
I have 16 grand children, 1 great grandson and a second great grand child on the way. I have 2 step great grandchildren also.


Today, 02 Oct. 2015 our good friend Moonie passed away. A Gentleman he was, and with that came knowledge that would fill a library, a sense of humor, and the list goes on, not to mention the 50 odd countries he had either visited or worked in as an Engineer. Not a boring moment chatting with Moonie. Moonie would have turned 86 on October 9th.


Our good Friend and owner of Angies Chat,
passed away Sept 19th, her family was with her at the end.
Angies presence in the chatroom will be missed very much.

COLOR=BLACK> Kaysa was a very caring person with a big heart. she had many four legged furry friends there from the wee little mouse that moved in for a while, to the big deer that she fed in the winter, when food was short for them...
We are all going to miss our dear kaysa. She was a friend to all, and we loved tales of her animals and her life. Kaysa you will be greatly missed.....


MS" COLOR=BLACK> At the age of 84, Data has passed on June 02, 2015 following a series of medical issues. We all enjoyed the tales of his life, including his military time in Korea and his life on Galveston Island. We his Chat Friends will miss him so very much.


Following a severe accident and months of treatment in a hospital, our friend Husker lost her battle to live on February 22, 2015. She will be remembered for her love of recipes, her knitting projects, and her love of life.

As said by her daughter Camille Johnson, "She is now our beautiful angel with wings. Fly high, Mom. We love you."


Our good friend has left us, may he rest in peace. Hardhat breathed his last breath on December 15, 2014. We loved having him as a Chat Friend, he will be missed greatly.


COLOR=BLACK> At the age of 81, May-sc of Columbia, SC passed, She loved chat and her family, she will be missed by all.


Geri has passed from a long illness, she will be missed by her chat friends and the ones who knew her. May she now rest in peace. Brookie posted this in Angies. He knew her best. Geri was seen last night walking through the airport about 3 feet off the ground as always. She had lost her luggage again but the agent gave her a voucher for all new clothes at her next destination. As she walked through the gate she she told the agent she was going to meet her husband and she loaded on the plane. Geri is gone , ,Have a good flight , , ya little brat. . . You are missed.


Sarge - was a true gentleman and a very caring and fun loving person. You will be missed by all your chat friends. Rest in peace.

At the age of 75, and following a surgery, followed by pneumonia, Our friend Sarge passed on October 26, 2013. Many remember the chat bashes he was instrumental in putting together. And his family said, He spoke often about his facebook friends and how proud he was that he could bring a smile to those who needed it. You brought many smiles to his face as well. A great loss to both his family and his Chat friends.


UNICORN was a very caring person and did everything she could for her children and grand daughter. She would talk at great lengths about her wood working projects and making things for her grand daughter. She lived in a house on an island on the St, Lawrence River and loved to work in her yard and flower gardens till her health prevented her doing so. She also talked a lot about a CNC router she was interested in getting. She was always wondering how CNC works as it was run by a computer program She always had nice things say to and about everyone and she will be remembered by all that had the pleasure to chat with her. May she rest in peace.


At the age of 72 when she passed, Elsie was an amazing, loving, caring, funny, generous and one of a kind woman! She was loved by many, she will be truly missed but not forgotten. She was respected by her co-workers and the tribal members of Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and Cabazon Band of Mission Indians where she held the position of office manager for many years.


At the age of 85, and following a brief illness, Rudy passed on June 3, 2012. Rudy and his wife spent many summers at Tappan Lake vacationing with family. His great passion for books and music were passed on to his family members. Rudy and his wife loved to dance especially at the Eagles. Rudy never knew a stranger and was a friend to many. His passion for making new friends on Chat and Facebook gave him great pleasure. He will always be remembered his patience, kindness and his zest for life. Rudy will be missed by his Chat Friends as well as by his family.


Known to his Chat Friends as Bunk or Bunko, his family nickname was Bunk for many years. After completing 26 years in the Air Force he enjoyed his retirement. He shared his love of life with his many Chat Friends and he will be missed greatly.


Known to her chat friends as Freespirit or AMNOT, she was a lot of fun in chat. She cherished her independence and the basics in life. She had a website filled with many recipes for making food from scratch. She will surely be missed by all her many Chat Friends.


It is with a sad heart that we say good-bye to our dear Chat friend SusieQ. who died: Aug. 16, 2010 at the age of 74. She loved her work as a webmaster in Angies and her web pages were very good. She will be missed by many.